Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hagee Loves Pope Benedict! Really!

He says so in the Washington Post.

So we can forget all that Whore of Babylon, forerunners of the Nazis, etc. what-not.

Or not.

Let me get this out of the way immediately. Yes, I think Hagee is a heretic by most definitions of Christianity. His view of Christ makes the entire mission of the Redeemer a complete failure and amounts to, by his own admission, a denial of Jesus as the Messiah. That's not even getting into his apparent perspective on Judaism as a salvific religion.

I do agree with Hagee that militant secularism is a problem for us all. The problem is that "looking past our differences" is nothing but a quick fix, full of sound and fury, but ultimately signifying nothing. The differences must be confronted, not swept under the rug as though they were not there. If we really believe that what we say is the Truth, actually telling people that should not be a burdensome deal.

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