Monday, August 3, 2009

SSPX Talks Are Set To Begin (maybe)

Rorate Caeli with the story again.

Per Bishop Fellay:

There is not date set for the beginning of the dialogue, but we may assume that it will be in the autumn. I will be in Rome for that period, but there is nothing yet detailed. The Commission is already formed, by 3-4 people, but we cannot yet mention the names, even if to avoid any kind of pressure.

As to what he thinks of Vatican II compromises:

We will not make any compromise on the Council. I have no intention of making a compromise. The truth does not tolerate compromise. We do not want a compromise, we want clarity regarding the Council.

Clarity would be nice. Compromises, not so much. I can definitely agree with that, though His Excellency and I probably have different views on the subject.

And finally, a cause for optimism:

We certainly see in the Pope an authentic will to reach the core of the matter, and we cherish this with all satisfaction. We pray, and we hope, that with grace of the good God we will reach something that is good for the Church and for ourselves. . .

He is an upright man, who regards the situation and the life of the Church most seriously.

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