Thursday, December 10, 2009

Immaculate Corruption

My brain has taken our prior post on the Immaculate Conception and homosexuality and forced it into an odd synthesis with the current stories regarding Tiger Woods's marital shenanigans, resulting in the above post caption.

Basically, us Catholic folk believe that people have something of an inclination to sin due to our weakened wills and darkened intellects. Our first parents messed things up, and their original sin leaves us with this inclination, also known as concupiscence. Of course, the Blessed Mother was conceived immaculate, so she doesn't have this problem. The rest of us struggle against this interior yearning for badness because to succumb means sin which means an offense against God.

Recent stories on Tiger Woods have posed the question of whether not he's a sex addict. This has occasionally been paired with the question of whether or not a person can be genetically predisposed to such an addiction or behavior.

Given the above-stated position of the Church, you could probably say that we're on-board with this, with the qualification that our problems go a little bit deeper than the genetic code.

However, modernity takes this idea of an in-born inclination to sin and perverts it. I am hearing more and more about how folks in Mr. Woods's situation really can't be blamed for their behavior due to this "hard-wired" desire for sin. Some comments have gone so far as to completely exonerate him and claim that his "condition" means he himself really didn't do anything wrong.

Translation: We have reached the point where our fallenness has apparently rendered us sinless. We are immaculate, even as we wallow in the filth of our sins.

Maranatha, Lord! Soon.

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Philip said...

Thought provoking post, Mr. Throwback. Good work.