Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Liturgical Reform Thought Experiment

Most of the Orthodox folks I know think the Pauline Mass is awful. Some even use it as an example of Rome's departure from the True Faith. I know a couple of Eastern Catholics who got started that way because they couldn't countenance the Ordinary Form.

Anyways, having had the good fortune to attend an Extraordinary Form Mass today (shout out to St. Agnes in Baton Rouge) and having gotten a lot of responses on my question below, I started ciphering on some stuff.

What if all the Orthodox wanted a full reunification with Rome, with signed statements from each Patriarch agreeing with Rome on all points of Faith. Think Florence and Lyons II on steroids.

All they want in exchange is a return by the Latin Rite to traditional liturgical practices. In other words, they want a complete suppression of the Pauline Mass.

Who would object to this arrangement? Calling out guys like Kaspar is too easy. The Anglican situation has shown us that he doesn't seem to want anyone in full communion with Rome. Think about it, though. Would this crown jewel of pure ecumenism, a thing sought after by every pope for the last 550 years or so, be rejected by more than a few people out of their desire to retain a liturgy that has only been around for the last 4 decades or so?

It's a shame that I even have to wonder.

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