Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Desecration Avoided

For some bizarre reason, a Catholic church in Anchorage was going to be used as the site for a fake Episcopalian bishop who hates the Church (Katherine Schori) to pretend consecrate another fake bishop from the same false sect.

In what universe does this even remotely pass as a good idea? St. Ambrose defied the Emperor over issues like this with the Arians. Even to the point where he could have gotten himself killed. Are we just supposed to let this stuff go nowadays?

We couldn't really find a lot of news on this (the above-mentioned link was emailed to us), but after some digging, we discovered the Defend Us In Battle blog entry about it.

Bishop Schweitz of Anchorage took responsibility for the event's being scheduled. It's a bit disappointing to see him using past assistance from others as being a factor in doing this. Catholicism is Divine Truth. Methodism (or whatever) isn't. There isn't equal standing here to either ask for or deserve support from others. The whole point is that he basically did this to be a "good neighbor." I'm not sure how letting people play pretend bishop and do enact fake sacramental rituals benefits them.

Here's the good part, though. From the blog updates that were posted, it looks like His Excellency had a change of heart. Schori & Co. will have to go elsewhere for their performance.

The Bishop deserves our thanks for this action. This could not have been easy for him. If you have the time, please let him know that you appreciate his standing up for the faith. His contact info is at the blog linked above.


Anonymous said...

The really unfortunate part about this kind of crap is that it is officially not only tolerated but encouraged by Vatican documents (see Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms of Ecumenism #103, 137 and following). I've walked into the chapel of a seminary before and witnessed Episcopalian heretics performing their sacrilegious rites on the altar used in saying the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

How is this somehow acceptable now?

Throwback said...

An excellent question for which I have no answer.