Thursday, September 2, 2010

One Person Can Make A Difference

If you ever think you can't, you don't have to reflect on the Apostles, Saints, or whoever. Just think of this woman.

A Chinese Catholic woman has pulled off a rare feat by encouraging a number of Buddhists to convert to Catholicism in the Sino-Tibetan province of Qinghai.

Father Joseph Li Dongsheng, parish priest of Xining Church, praised the woman’s achievement in a region that has only 4,000 Catholics in a total population of one million.

“I never even thought of converting ethnic Tibetans myself as they are so deeply rooted in Buddhism. It’s almost impossible,” he said.

The five new Catholics, aged from 20 to over 50, come from three families of the same clan and were Buddhists since childhood.

And, of course, it doesn't come without cost:

Father Li says he plans to give them ongoing care and education to help sustain their faith as “they may have to face discrimination in this Buddhist environment.”

Mary, Our Lady of She-Shan, pray for them and for all your persecuted children.

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