Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Is A Bigger Story Re: World Religions?

A. The continued dissolution of the Anglican Communion (Catholic ordinariate set up in January, five bishops converting already, current Anglican synod, etc.).

B. A comment made by the Pope about condoms.

C. Asia Bibi's death sentence in Pakistan for alleged blasphemy against Muhammed.

D. The continued wholesale liquidation of Christianity in the Middle East.

E. The persecution and murder of Christians in India.

F. The Dalai Lama's decision to abdicate his role as head of Tibet's government in exile.

Why would the most significant of these stories hold its place as such?

What of these stories would be the least significant?


I could probably have added another half dozen or so topics to this list. The one common factor would be that, in a less stupid world, they would all take precedence over the Condom Crap.

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