Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crucifixes Are Ok Now

Well, thank the European Court of Human Rights for straightening that out for everybody. Justa quick note as I'm in a hurry.

Per Zenit:

The director of the Vatican press office is welcoming today's ruling from the European Court of Human Rights, which found that crucifixes can be displayed in Italy's public schools.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi said in a statement that the Holy See received the ruling "with satisfaction."

He called it historical, noting the widespread opposition to the court's November 2009 decision that the presence of crucifixes in schools was an affront to human rights. Italy was joined by more than 20 countries as well as a number of non-governmental organizations in appealing the '09 ruling.

Consider this. Where exactly does any court get the authority to pronounce on whether or not the display of a crucifix is appropriate? I get made fun of quite often for pointing out that modern notions of religious liberty and church/state separation are essentially paths for religious indifferentism and practical atheism in a society. This is a good example, even though the court came to the "right" conclusion.

Just think of it this way. When a society says that it's the place of a group of creations to pass judgment on the right of the Creator to be given His due recognition, something is wrong. The only real counter to this is to basically place all religions on the same level (religious indifferentism). Once all religions are regarded as equally true (or false), the beliefs associate with them are emptied of meaning for the public. Once religious beliefs are de-emphasized as inferior to the public culture, statutes, or whatever, man has taken the place of God. What's left is basically atheism, regardless of what kind of lip-service one pays to the situation.

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