Saturday, April 9, 2011

Non Serviam

Fr. Z has a recent entry regarding Fr. Roy Bourgeois of Maryknoll. Frankly, I have had nothing good to say of Maryknoll for some time, given that they have been open in their moves to support the schismatic usurpers in China, despite the degradation of the underground faithful who are so persecuted. Fr. Bourgeois's case makes for an interesting study by itself, though, in that he is basically looking at disciplinary action due to heresy. Needless to say, this isn't something we see a lot of these days. In a nutshell, he thinks that women can (and should) be ordained as priests. Fr. Zuhlsdorf does a good job of demonstrating the complete lack of logic and reasoning behind Fr. Bourgeois's arguments, so I'm not going to go into any great detail on that. I guess I'm bringing it up as a sort of counter-point to some of the bad news we've been hearing lately. Between Philadelphia, Assisi: The Sequel, and so forth, even folks who I agree with on a lot of stuff are feeling let down, as evidenced in this article by Sandro Magister. We shouldn't forget that there are good things happening. The guy is getting the axe, in fairly public fashion I might add. I wouldn't have thought that possible ten years ago. It's slow, sure. I wish it was faster myself. We have to trust in God on all this, though. The whackjobs are getting more and more shrill in their protests. This is a good sign. Bourgeois here was willing to admit he is a heretic. That's a big leap, I think. The more they mirror the cries of Satan as he was cast down, the more they will distinguish themselves from the Faith, which will mean less confusion in our own midst. Will things externally get worse? Probably so. Will the Church shrink? Definitely. We shouldn't treat any of this as a surprise. In the end, all we were ever promised was a remnant anyway.

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