Saturday, December 31, 2011

More News Out Of Philadelphia

Of course, everyone heard when the news broke about the molestation cases there. There's some significant news now that nobody is hearing. Archbishop Chaput is selling the bishop's mansion in Philadelphia.

Thanks to Rocco Palma for the story.

Seen by many locals as the quintessential symbol of the “complacency and pride” that have long marked the city’s ecclesial culture, the property's placement on the market is said to have received “strong support” both from Chaput's Finance Council and Council of Priests, who were consulted on the move over the last six weeks. As the value of a successful deal is almost certain to exceed the canonical threshold for a bishop’s alienation of diocesan property on his own initiative (currently $7.5 million for larger US dioceses), a transfer of ownership would require the approval of the Holy See.

An American prelate is about to engage in a multi-million dollar transaction that requires the approval of the Vatican. That's a pretty big deal. Examining the full article, it doesn't appear to be on the table because of any diocesan financial problems. It looks to be just because +Chaput wants it to happen. With his being a Franciscan, I can understand how he would be uncomfortable in such a setting. However, given the state of affairs, it's probably more an act of penance to maybe give the Philadelphia flock a little more confidence in their new shepherd. I hope it works.

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Paige said...

We loved +Chaput here in A of Denver. I was very sad to see him go... we have a very vibrant Catholic community that was getting more and more orthodox by the day. I hope the Lord sends us someone just as good!