Saturday, January 28, 2012

Enemies Of The Church

It isn't just Barack Obama & Co. They are everywhere, and we were warned about them.

Have you ever heard of Bella Dodd? She was a very prominent organizer of the Communist Party here in America back in the 30s and 40s. Eventually, she saw the error of her ways and came back to the Church, in large part thanks to the efforts of Bishop Sheen. In the 1950s, she testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee. Lots of people remember her claiming that Communists had garnered very high posts advising the president, as well as positions controlling labor unions. What many don't recall is that she also said that over 1100 Communist agents had been injected into the Church's seminaries in the 1930s and that many had risen up through the hierarchy.

If you have trouble believing this, take a look at some recent news from Bulgaria about the Orthodox Church there. Per Novinite:

Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, says he is stunned by the number of agents and collaborators of the former Communist State Security, DS, among senior clergy at the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.

On Tuesday, Bulgaria's so-called Files Commission – a panel investigating the Communist era secret files, exposed eleven out of a total of fifteen Bulgarian Metropolitan bishops as former DS agents.

"I was shocked by the scale of this. Yes, I have heard about one or two, but eleven out of fifteen – this is way too much. There is separation between the Church and the State, so it is none of my business to comment on this. I am talking only about those who entered in this interaction with the State then on their own will and voluntarily became agents," Borisov said.

This is nothing new. The Russian Orthodox Church was a hotbed of KGB activity, all the way up to Patriarch Alexei II's (codename Drozdov) collaboration. Are we so foolish as to think that the Catholic Church would be immune to such an infiltration?

Remember, the Church has enemies. They aren't stupid. They aren't lazy. They want to destroy us all.

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