Monday, February 6, 2012

Contra Obama: The Bishops March

The best comparison, I think, for this ever-growing conflict between Obama and the Church is what you see in The Lord of the Rings when the Ents decide that they are going after Saruman. Treebeard makes the point that it takes a long time for them to make a decision. When they finally do, they march on Isengard. Hopefully, our shepherds will meet with similar success.

The full roll call (as it now stands) of bishops who have stepped up and condemned the president's attack on the Church can be found at the American Papist's web site The current count is 153, with over 80% of the nation's dioceses having chimed in. If your bishop has not done so, please encourage him to speak out.

Above all, pray for these men. If you take a look at history and how other countries have passed laws like this, they are usually followed by other legislation that is quite evil. We will need brave men to stand against it.

If you are looking for patron saints to assist you in your appeals, consider the following:

St. Joseph, Guardian of the Universal Church
St. Michael, who cast Satan from Heaven
St. Thomas Becket, slain by Henry II for trying to protect the Church from the state
St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More, martyred for resisting an Enemy of God
Blessed Miguel Pro or any of the other martyrs of the Cristiada, outlaws for the Faith because the Faith had been outlawed (the new tagline for the movie)
The Carmelites of Compiegne, who gave up their lives to end the Reign of Terror in France

There are countless others who would fit the bill. These are just the ones who have been on my mind a lot since all this started. Pray for the Church's victory and for the grace to bear persecution.

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