Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Most Recent Report

is that there is nothing to report. Rorate has been without any hard news on the SSPX front. Things are just quiet right now. A calm before the storm, maybe? I don't know, but between the possible regularization of the SSPX and the undying rumors about Cardinal Burke being tapped to replace Cardinal Levada at the CDF, things are certainly set up to get very interesting in a very big hurry.

I will add the following. Please continue to pray for the Holy Father. As many of you know, he just celebrated his 85th birthday. Hard to believe, but he is older than JPII was when he passed away. Read the following bit, which was gleaned from Rorate, and take into account what it must be like to be 85, holding the most important job in the world, and preparing to ride out what will probably be the biggest blow-up of your time doing said job. This is a guy speaking on his birthday.

We thank the good God because he has given us this light and we ask him that it may remain with us always. And on this day I have reason to thank Him and all those who once again have made me realize the presence of the Lord, who have stayed with me so that I would not lose the light.

I find myself before the last stage of my life's path, and I do not know what awaits me. I do know, however, that the light of God is here, that He is risen, that his light is stronger than any darkness; that the goodness of God is stronger than any evil in this world. And this helps me go forward in safety. It helps us move forward and, at this moment, I thank from the bottom of my heart all those who continuously make me perceive God's "yes" through their own faith.

Viva il Papa.

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