Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mass At A Water Park?

Bishop Silva in Honolulu is apparently going to have their diocesan Youth Day at Wet N Wild Hawaii in Kapolei, complete with Mass at 9:45 that Saturday morning. As the father of three boys, this raises some red flags for me. Modesty is a big enough problem at Mass now anyway. What will this be like at a water park? Are they going to make people change before and after?

It just strikes me as something that hasn't really been considered.

Here's the commercial for the event.

Diocesan Youth Day 2012 from HawaiiCathYYAM on Vimeo.

I actually don't have an issue with the more "cinematic" elements of this ad. However, it does seem weird that there really isn't a whole lot of talk about God, though. Consider this statement of the event's purpose:

This year’s theme is ‘Rejoice in the Lord always’ (Phil 4:4). It invites our young people to reflect on the presence of God in their daily lives and renew their faith so that they can share it with others. Even when we are not aware of it, God is present, embracing us with His love, filling us with joy; giving us reason to REJOICE. The theme is fitting as we are preparing to celebrate the Year of Faith.

I'm not sure I've ever noticed people doing much reflection at a water park. I have no idea how wading pools, slides, etc. contribute to a renewal of faith. This is supposed to be preparation for celebrating the Year of Faith. What is planned for when the Year of Faith actually gets here? DisneyWorld?

This serves as another reminder that I have no comprehension of "youth ministry." Are the hip elements working? Or is this just me trying to keep those young whipper-snappers off my lawn?


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