Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fire And Brimstone

Do you ever run into people who say they like their current church because they are so happy to be hearing preaching that is not just about "fire and brimstone"?

There seem to be a lot of them around here, Catholic and Protestant. When asked when was the last time they heard any such shpiel, they typically can't remember. Most will comment that "it's been years, though."

Am I right then that even one sermon/homily every 5+ years about the eternal penalty for sin is just too much?

I've seen episodes of Bishop Sheen where he talks about hell. I guess the 50s were just a much simpler time, which is weird to think of it as simple since people were clearly more capable of handling transcendent topics like the fate of their immortal soul. I know that, in all my years of watching them, I've certainly never heard Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, etc. that I've never heard the subject mentioned.

This goes to show you that the only space people regard as sacred anymore is their comfort zone.

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