Monday, May 13, 2013

The Assault On Parenthood

Just so everybody realizes this, the main attack against parenthood in this country is coming from prospective parents. Ignore for a moment the millions of children who are being murdered by abortionists. That's not so much an attack on parenthood as it is mass murder.

I'm talking about the very concept of parenthood itself.

This is taking the shape of parents essentially looking at their kids as life-sized dollies for them to play with. When the kids get to be more than that, they are nightmarish monsters.

Consider this entry from Creative Minority Report. It discussed the trend of sex-selective IVF procedures. Prospective parents are shelling out major cash to pull this off. Reflect on these words of a proud mom:

My husband and I stared at our daughter for that first year. She was worth every cent. Better than a new car, or a kitchen reno.

Well, hell, it's good to know that she's got that going for her! She was worth every penny! Imagine if she'd been twins!

Oh yeah. Twins. You know what they say about twins, right?

Think of the worst thing you can imagine. That’s what it was like.


Twins were always my worst nightmare.

Isn't that lovely? Yet this is what "parents" are coming to these days. I hear this kind of crap all the time. In many ways, it's the natural outgrowth of the snark that is directed at every family with more than two kids. Kids are fun. To a point. Once the parents aren't having fun, the kids catch the brunt of it, either being chastised into paralysis or pawned off on the most convenient day care/babysitter/relative for 6 days a week.

Ms. Hatten, who wrote the latter article, comments on the selfishness of our culture. It really is horrific. Children are a menace now.

Return quickly, Lord. Please.

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