Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Odd Comment From Metropolitan Hilarion

From this Zenit interview:

At this point of the interview, several news agencies joined us. A Vatican Radio correspondent asked about the challenges of the family in the Orthodox world, and His Eminence answered:

“They are the same as for the Catholic world,” due “to the influence of the destruction of values that happens under the influence of the modern liberal ideology. They seek to persuade young people that the family, between a man and a woman open to the generation of children, is an obsolete concept.”

Let's ignore for a second his previously expressed views that Stalin's liquidation of the Church in Ukraine was an ok thing to do. Considering that Orthodoxy tends to be fine with multiple divorces and faces a growing trend of approval towards contraception (all the way up to folks converting so they can have their pill and Divine Liturgy too: google the Torodes for an example), it's weird to hear a comment about the defense of the family and openness to life.

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