Saturday, December 14, 2013

Please Help

Not me, but some folks way more deserving.

Let me tell you about a family.

The father is a physician working in one of the poorest communities in Louisiana. He has 7 children. Their mother passed away 2 years ago. Soon thereafter, the youngest daughter (Joan) was diagnosed with cancer. They removed her femur in an effort to get it all but then discovered that it had spread to her lungs and brain. She is now at St. Jude's.

The dad can only work about 20 hours/week now. He moved the family to Memphis to be near Joan. His commitments in Louisiana have kept him from leaving the community health center where he currently works so he can't be with them full time.

The medical expenses aren't the problem, and I hope that anyone who ever needs a worthy charity will always have St Jude's in mind. However, the general living expenses for the family have made things very tight.

I have never made such a request before but I do so now because these are good people in hardship. Please consider a donation through Red Basket, a non-profit, tax exempt philanthropy which connects individuals giving to other individuals. This past week the Lafayette TV station KATC did a feature about them here.

Donations may be made at this link. Please help if you are able.


Anonymous said...

I promise I will come back tomorrow and I will help in a modest way that I can. I've been occupied and obsessed with the dire situations of the Syrian refugees and the terrible conditions in Gaza Palestine. Pray
for the distressed and weary.

Anonymous said...

Throwback, I used to visit your blog nearly everyday but somehow got sidetracked. I stopped by yesterday. Glad I did. Almost got sidetracked today but remembered my promise came to keep it. I did. Thanks for posting for this family. God be with them and with you.