Monday, March 24, 2014

God Bless The Church In Africa

Whether it's being persecuted by Mohammedans or being pressured into the acceptance of sodomy by the West, they are in a tough spot.

They do have a bunch of good bishops there, though, and one of them recently blasted the West for its hypocrisy on these matters. A huge hat tip to Tancred, who seems to come up on these stories earlier and more often than anyone else (yes, I know Rorate mentioned his follow-up, but Tancred was first).

Anyways, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos in Nigeria was scathing in his criticisms.

Archbishop Kaigama stressed that the position of the Church in Nigeria corresponds exactly to the teaching of the Catholic Church. He said, "We defend the moral values ​​of the Bible, the tradition of the Nigerian people." "The defense of the moral value of the Bible can never be discrimination," said the chairman of the Bishops' Conference of the most populous African country.

The archbishop also criticized the one-sidedness of the West, "though always with you when it comes to the so-called gay rights in Nigeria" you run, but to the ongoing terror attacks by the Islamic militia Boko Haram you only stammer. "Constantly new violence, burned and mutilated bodies, women and children who are killed in a terrible rhythm: this is the emergency afflicting our country," but nothing from Europe on this. But for "gay rights" the EU, the European Parliament and other international institutions will mobilize.

Such courage from this shepherd! Would that we had more like him!

He didn't stop there, though. In a shot against the Ra's al Gores of the world, he continued:

"In all the villages of Nigeria, there are women who have no education and girls who do not attend school. They can not read or write, but they have the morning after pill . When they are questioned, they know which pill they have when to take abort. How can that be? Who tells them that and gives them the morning after pill, pushing it into her hand? It is the western governmental and non-governmental organizations that impose their ideas on us. And these 'values' mean birth control. This is worth much money and effort from the West. And why do they do that? To ensure that our government gets international economic aid, they must accept this Western policy. But that is called coercion. A culture and a mentality is imposed that is not ours, for we Nigerians do not despise life."

Yet the secularists, with their boatloads of hypocrisy, will give lip service to how great they think African culture is and how refreshing it is in comparison to Western decadence. All the while, they are trying to turn Africans into us by baptizing them into the cult of Thanatos.

And for all the "who am I to judge?" groupies, Archbishop Kaigama had a final offering:

To the law against "gay marriage" said Archbishop Kaigama: "We say very clearly: We don't hate anybody. We respect homosexuals as people, and we support them when their rights are violated as a human beings. The Church has there then and defends them. But we also say quite clearly that homosexual acts are contrary to nature. They flatly contradict what we defend. Powerful organizations who blackmail our government would like us to legalize gay marriage. And when they say that there are occasional homosexual tendencies in Africa, we say quite clearly that they are aberrations. We respect the dignity of marriage between a man and a woman. We will not give in to the West, just because it has money with which it can put pressure on us," said Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos.

It's good to hear someone who isn't willing to sell their souls and those of their flock for a few dollars. Bravo, Your Excellency! Keep fighting the good fight.

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