Friday, May 30, 2014

Ed Feser Contra Atheism.



Ed Feser gives a great speech here on why Scholasticism is such a great weapon against modern atheist arguments.

Of equal interest, though, are his comments about how personalism and the mindset of the "new theology" are utterly unequipped to provide the sort of intellectual rigor that can counter what modern secularism is throwing at us. Indeed, in many ways, these paths will lead us to embrace some of the very language and confusion that secularism promotes. We've talked about this before.

I do think that it's time that personalism fall by the wayside. As Feser points out, we now are seeing attempts to justify euthanasia and homosexuality in arguments based on the natural dignity of the person and other such jargon.

Time to get back to hardcore logic and philosophy, with a full measure of systematic and dogmatic theology to boot!

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