Monday, April 6, 2015

Those Who Can't Wait To Help Us

One thing I've noticed in all this religious liberty talk is the number of people who announce their utter disdain for Catholicism, who insist that the faithful be compelled to provide service for morally repugnant activities, but who simultaneously announce that they would be will to "go to the barricades" if the government ever tried to compel the Church to conduct homosexual weddings, ordain female clergy, and so forth.

Perhaps I'm just cynical, but does anyone actually believe these people? Do you think that a move by the United States government to, say, revoke the Church's tax exempt status or enforce some other method of compulsion will result in a spirited opposition by all these activists and their supporters in our defense? That they will vote against candidates who support such measures, hold demonstrations, etc.? 

Do you think they'd even take time to retweet an item on Twitter or like the Church's status on Facebook? Or just check off to send an internet form letter demanding the Church be free to be the Church?

I don't, but again, perhaps I'm just too cynical. Would someone like to convince me that I'm wrong?

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