Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So Cardinal Danneels Is Back For The Synod

Per Rorate's latest report.

Somebody remind me again of all the wonders wrought by the "reforms" we were promised.

Anybody? Anybody?

Would anyone care to go through Pope Francis's laundry lists of all the bad things that cardinals, priests, and bishops can so and then compare those with Cardinal Danneels's activities? 

Or better yet, would anyone have the guts to compare Cardinal Danneels's record on anything to that if Cardinals Burke, Bagnasco, or any of the other prelates sent into exile over the last couple of years?

I'm guessing no. 

Lord have mercy.

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spraffmeister said...

It is scandalous and indefensible. Why Card. Danneels (and others) are not in exile like Card. O'Brien or even in jail is beyond me.