Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So Let's Talk About The Synod

First, as to why I haven't been keeping track of it till now. Frankly, there comes a time when you have to kind of step away from things. There are more than a couple of folks who follow this blog who have had their calm and their faith extremely disturbed by recent events, and I did not want to contribute to that. Staying informed can be a bad thing.

Second, the proceedings themselves were just bizarre. Rules changing by the minute. Confirmation by some that things were being rigged. Denial of those confirmations. Papal denials. All with smiles to the public and reassurances that all was well. The reporting was just weird all by itself and trying to sort through all that probably would have only exacerbated the unease of those I mentioned above.

Anyways, let's talk about some of the highlights.

Initially, Cardinal Erdo came out with a gas can and a blow torch directed at the Kasper Proposal and everybody else who was espousing heresy and other offensive doctrines. This was a big deal because (a) he's the synod's relator general and therefore holds a position of authority and (b) he's the one wh exposed Archbishop Forte's shenanigans at the previous meeting by inserting the now-infamous paragraphs regarding homosexuality into the final draft.

So Cardinal Erdo blasts the heretics in a speech for the ages. You should read the whole thing here. Interestingly enough, this was the last time I recall hearing anything from Cardinal Erdo for the rest of the proceedings. Whether he thought he had done all he could or whether he was silenced, I don't know.

Cardinal Pell worries about conspiracies to rig stuff. Pope Francis says that conspiracy theories are not welcome.

Interventions are given. Some are utterly and completely insane like the suggestion of Jose Luiz Cardinal Lacunza Maestrojuan that we bring back the Mosaic Law. Really. Why don't we just bring back animal sacrifice at the Temple too in the name of full and active participation?

Others were freaking awesome, like that of Cardinal Sarah.

Oh, and Cardinal Danneels was there. Tell me again how all that great curial reform is coming along.

A letter was written to the Pope with concerns that the deck had been stacked. All types of hilarity ensues over who wrote and signed the letter and what it actually said. We are told again that all is well.

Cardinal Marx is claimed to be living up to his reputation as the real bling bishop by wining and dining synod Fathers in lavish style.

Nobody ever really makes the observation of how arrogant these proceedings are against a background of humility being emphasized so consistently. Every pope, saint, Father, and Doctor of the Church who has ever expounded on these matters utterly refutes anything the heretical agenda is promoting. This refutation includes words by God Himself, whether by Our Blessed Lord Jesus or by the Holy Spirit via St. Paul. Yet these mean presume to be their masters and teachers. How prideful can you get?

Coming down to the brass tacks, the final relatio contains no heresy, and we have Cardinal Muller and Cardinal Pell both saying so. And they're right. Yet Cardinal Kasper is also claiming victory as he feels the door is now open for the implementation of his proposal.

They are both right, which is why the final document passed by the barest of margins.

You can read the final relatio if you want. I wouldn't if I were you. Like so many such documents, it uses a lot of words to say very little. It avoids heresy largely by avoiding clarity. It's worthless. The rubber will hit the road in the post-synodal exhortation written by the Pope, who gave a really weird speech after the synod decrying closed minds and hearts and those who didn't like mercy. Make of that what you will.

Here's what it comes down to. If Pope Francis punts this stuff to the local conferences, he hasn't committed heresy, although he could be accused of disastrous policy likely to encourage sacrilege and dangerous to souls. That's about it. The homosexual lobby is probably pretty disappointed right now, but the good news for them is that giving the  Eucharist to the remarried is a step in their direction as well.

My prediction is that, unless Pope Francis really starts packing the College of Cardinals, the next conclave is going to be a hardcore backlash against all this sort of stuff. When that pope tries to restore order and Truth, then we will have our schism and the complicit media will be more than happy to stoke the fires.

My suggestions. You know what the Church teaches and what it doesn't. Don't let CNN convince you otherwise. For that matter, don't let otherwise reliable Catholic apologists who can't imagine a pope making a bad decision about anything convince you otherwise.

Fast. Pray. Write letters to the good bishops defending Our Lord from accusations that He is a liar (which is what the Kasper proposal is). PRAY FOR GUYS LIKE CARDINALS KASPER AND MARX. We probably have a greater obligation to offer prayer and sacrifice for them than for guys like Cardinal Sarah. The well have no need for a physician, after all.

One way or another, all this will pass. Heaven triumphs. Hell loses. Don't ever forget that. Don't forget our brethren dealing with real persecution all over the  world.

Pray. Fast.

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