Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Bit More on Judaizing

A little while ago, we were discussing the recent Judaizing trend among our Protestant brethren. I've thought of a couple of other questions that make this whole trend even weirder.

First, has it occurred to any of these guys that modern Judaism really isn't what our forerunners in faith were actually doing? There's no more Temple. No more priesthood. No more sacrifices. The entire guts of the religion were ripped out. How exactly does this identification with the contemporary Jewish movement work then?

Second, I was watching Ralph West, and he started talking about how awesome Martin Luther was and how he did God's work and so on and so forth. Have any of the Judaizers read On the Jews and Their Lies? Would it change their opinion of their own forerunner if they knew that he thought of Jews as a "whoring people" who were "full of the devil's feces"? Would this knowledge maybe change their whole view of the Reformation in general?

Probably not entirely, but it might move them at least to wonder what kind of folks were behind the revolution against Catholicism and perhaps reconsider the revisionist hagiography that has sprung up around their origins.

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