Monday, July 13, 2009

The Cardinal Kung Foundation

As a spiritual exercise for our family, we recently all signed up with the Cardinal Kung Foundation to be prayer sponsors for members of the underground Church in China. We've only been doing so for a few days, but it seems to have been a great benefit to my children. They are quite enthusiastic to be engaged in a spiritual battle against the forces of schismatics and godless materialists. Or as we call them, "bad guys."

For more information and to sign up yourself, check the link above. If you have the means, you might also want to help the priests out via Mass stipends. The web site tells you how to do so.

For some more information on the current conditions in China, check out the article A Tale of Two Bishops by Marc Thiessen over at InsideCatholic. I am honored to say that we recognized some of the names from the article.

The support given to the schismatic group by Maryknoll appears to be factual. I am still looking for confirmation of the Jesuit approval. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Not that it would be that shocking, I guess. . .

Keep these people in your prayers, though. The blood of the martyrs might be the seed of the Church, but we should try to help our brothers and sisters in any way possible.

O Lord, comfort China and those persecuted for Christ in that great country. Grant them joy in their communion with the universal Church. Bless them so that the seed they plant during their years of sufferings, patience and love will be richly harvested. Grant mercy, Lord, to those brothers and sisters who chose to be separated from You, may they return to the one fold and one Shepherd.

Our Lady of She-Shan, pray for them.

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