Saturday, October 10, 2009

And Yet Another Reason Why Contraception Sucks

It makes women want to engage in the nuptial act with losers.

Don't take my word for it, check out the latest super-duper-scientific study. Or use your common sense. To begin, let's go with the former.

"The use of the pill by women, by changing her mate preferences, might induce women to mate with otherwise less-preferred partners, which might have important consequences for mate choice and reproductive outcomes," said Alexandra Alvergne, lead author of a study appearing in the October issue of Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

No freaking way!

Let me translate. If a woman can do it with a guy and not have to worry about getting pregnant, she's going to be ok doing it with guys who might be worthless because she doesn't have to worry about what kind of father he's going to be.

We needed a bunch of scientists to tell us this? You can't just check out your average college campus and figure out that, generally speaking, women on birth control are less choosy as to who they have sex with than those who aren't?

You don't even have to get to discussion of unitive/procreative to reach this conclusion. If you take away the consequences of a specific behavior, which in this case is the negative perception accorded to human life, it's a safe bet that said behavior will be exhibited with less restraint and discernment.

Even Richard Dawkins could probably get on board with this argument.

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