Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's A Miracle! Signs Of Intelligent Life On The View!

Frankly, I figured we'd find it on Pluto first. Just goes to show you that you never can tell.

Anyways, Patrick Madrid was nice enough to post this up. I had no idea who Rachel Campos-Duffy was until seeing this. Apparently, she was on The Real World of all things. She definitely doesn't fit the profile for what I would expect for such a show but that goes equally for The View as well.

As a mother of 6, she takes a huge stand against Obama and the Moron Panel.

That look from Walters is priceless. If she was a guy, I'd say it looked like someone had kicked her in the crotch. Goldberg's complete inability to form a response, and Fake Bette Midler's avalanche of stupidity are just added bonuses.

Good job, Mrs. Campos-Duffy. Too bad this means you'll probably never get your own show.

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