Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pop Culture Update


Mr. Eko got screwed.
The finale sucked. And it was indifferentist crap.

American Idol:

Does it even deserve commentary? Except perhaps to show that our nation's ability to discern quality in anything must be at an all-time low.


Roisin said...

I thought the LOST ending was okay, actually. And found this today from Catholic News Service:

Throwback said...

I saw that. I suppose my biggest issue (other than that damnable stained glass window) is that they put together what could have been a great finale, but they had to sacrifice the rest of the series to do it.

Roisin said...

Oh yes, as soon as I saw that stained glass windown, or the sorry excuse for one, I knew what they were getting at, and it's that indifferentist crap you spoke of.