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From Rorate:

Liturgical Reform: Coming Soon to the Eastern Churches?

Somebody make it stop!!!!!!

During the first General Congregation of the Special Assembly for the Middle East of the Synod of Bishops on October 11, 2010, the Reporter of the Synod, His Beatitude Antonios Naguib, Patriarch of the Coptic Catholic Church, gave a lengthy report before the discussions began. (See this.) In the course of his lengthy report, which touches upon numerous matters of great importance for the dwindling flock of Christians in the Middle East, the Patriarch said the following about liturgical reform:

A great many people are deeply desiring liturgical renewal, which, while remaining faithful to tradition, would take into account modern sensitivities as well as today’s spiritual and pastoral needs. The work of liturgical reform would require a commission of experts. Perhaps some usefulness might result from adapting liturgical texts to celebrations with children and youth, while remaining faithful to each Church’s heritage. This could be the work of an interdisciplinary group of experts. Some look for liturgical renewal in the area of devotional practices. Whatever the case, adaptation and reform must consider the ecumenical aspect. The particularly delicate question of communicatio in sacris requires special study.

What the hell is this? Have they lost their freaking minds????

It didn't stop there:

This openness to liturgical reform was immediately taken up in the next morning by Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako (who said)

Liturgical reformation based upon sacred scripture, but also the patristics and pastoral demands of today. Otherwise our faithful will go looking for other churches as has already happened in some cases.

You know that comment about insanity being trying the same crap over and over whilst expecting a different result? That's what this is. It's the same bill of goods that was sold in the post-conciliar liturgical reform. Has Archbishop Sako been paying attention to Mass attendance since the advent of the Pauline Mass? Or does he just think that the Easterners can do it better?

Holy smokes. I never thought I'd see this kind of stuff. The only think this is guaranteed to do is drive the Eastern Catholics across the Bosporus to the Orthodox churches, who are pretty vocal about the liturgical wasteland of Catholicism being a big obstacle to ecumenism.

If they want reforms that are promoted to de-Latinize (which are also mentioned in the Rorate post), I'm all for it. Watching a Maronite liturgy that is basically the Ordinary Form is uncomfortable and awkward and all kinds of other bad things. For the love of God and His Church, though, let's not start screwing up the Eastern liturgy just when we seem to be getting a fix for what's wrong in the West.

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