Sunday, October 10, 2010

Persecution In Saudi Arabia

According to the Filipino Global Nation:

Saudi police raided a secret Catholic mass in Riyadh last week and arrested a dozen Filipinos and a Catholic priest, charging them with prosyletising, a local daily reported on Wednesday.

The raid took place as some 150 Filipinos were attending the mass in a Riyadh rest house on Friday, the second day of the weekend in Saudi Arabia, Arab News said.

The twelve Filipino men and the priest, whose nationality was not specified, were "charged with prosyletising," the daily quoted an official from the Philippine embassy in Riyadh as saying.

Apparently, their embassies got them released later. I didn't realize there were over a million Filipinos working in Saudi Arabia. That's a whole lot of (most likely) Catholics who live without the ability to openly attend Mass.

Interestingly enough, I haven't seen Ban Ki-Moon chiming in on this. I suppose the world's elite powers are far too busy worrying about random pastors in Florida burning the Koran to comment on nations like this throwing folks in jail for attending Mass.

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Anonymous said...

Proselytizing is the act of attempting to convert people to another opinion and, particularly, another religion.

Practicing one's religion in private with others followers is not proselytizing.

Just another perversion of Islam by Wahhabism.

I thought the Saudi King was stopping this type of stuff.