Sunday, February 27, 2011

At Least We're Not Being Murdered


We are seeing more cases of Catholics being targeted for specific denials of basic legal protections, though. The latest incident is a protest at Holy Name Cathedral by homosexuals who take umbrage with the Church's view of their lifestyle. There is actually a city ordinance that prohibits such protests, but it's not going to be enforced in this particular instance.

How convenient.

Organizers said when they previously planned demonstrations outside Holy Name, they were threatened with arrest under a city ordinance that prohibits demonstrations within 150 feet and 30 minutes a religious service in a house of worship, the magazine reported.

But the American Civil Liberties Union argued that the ordinance was unconstitutional, and in January, city Corporation Counsel Mara Georges said the city would not enforce the ordinance in the Sunday demonstration, the ACLU said.

I wonder how much research they've done into Islamic tolerance of homosexuality. Anybody want to give odds on the likelihood of such a protest in front of a mosque? Or that if such a protest did take place, how fast the ordinance in question would be enforced?

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