Saturday, February 19, 2011

Maybe This Guy Can Move To Peru

Australia has a priest looking to preside over homosexual unions. The new Anglican bunch there could probably use him.

Gay marriage lobbyists have welcomed Father Bob Maguire's public pledge to conduct gay union ceremonies, but claim he's not the first priest to speak out in favour of the cause.

Australia Marriage Equality national secretary Peter Furness said this morning it was encouraging to see a Catholic priest speak publicly about the issue.

"There are many priests who support and want the right to marry same sex couples," Mr Furness said.

"(But) people are scared of their bosses to do it publicly."

One would hope they were at least scared enough of God not to do anything like this.

Oddly enough:

An Anglican Church spokesman said none of its priests are allowed to perform gay civil ceremonies.

Even the Anglicans down there wouldn't take this guy if he tried to jump ship.

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