Monday, June 20, 2011

Ecumenism And Pentecostals

There appears to be an organized effort for ecumenical relations with one of the most disorganized religious groups out there.

The Vatican's ecumenism council initiated a sixth phase in conversation with Pentecostal groups, saying a final report should be ready by 2015.

A sixth phase? With a report out in 4 years? Holy smokes. How much money and resources are poured into this kind of stuff? All these folks who want the Vatican to sell its artwork and stuff should look here if they want to find a waste of money.

The goal is not "structural unity," the Vatican statement clarified, but "to promote mutual respect and understanding in matters of faith and practice."

So we're spending all this money and it's not even for evangelization? How much is "mutual respect" worth? The bill for this must run in the thousands easily. Do we really need six sessions of this to have proper respect?

I just don't get the point of all these exercises. Where is the fruit of such ventures?

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Mark of the Vineyard said...

This is the fruit of Professional Catholics, who make a living off of the Church. As if the funds couldn't be put to other uses... GOOD uses.