Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jesuit Universities At The Forefront Of The Euthanasia Debate

Unfortunately, they happen to be on the wrong side. From Crisis:

Even as the nation’s bishops react with alarm to a recent Montana Supreme Court ruling allowing physician-assisted suicide, their efforts are being undermined by ethics and law professors at several Jesuit universities.

I've been reading a lot of Jesuit material this month. It's depressing stuff. Reading the examples from that article, then contrasting such a posture (not to mention those taken by the Cardenals, Segundos, O'Keefes, etc. of the world) with what you would see from Bellarmine, Canisius, Francis Xavier, not to mention St. Ignatius himself.

Let me take this time to once again plug The New Jesuit Review, where there seem to be at least a few faithful sons of Loyola left.

My family and I are planning to do an Enthronement in the next could of weeks. I think the above-mentioned article is one of the things that we will be doing reparation for, along with the last couple of decades of disobedience permitted by the Society.

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