Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anybody Watching These Debates?

They're mostly funny or sad, depending on your perspective, I suppose. However, I did want to point out something from the one this past weekend. I just got around to watching it via DVR and noticed something entirely out of place in the current political narrative, regardless of party.

Newt Gingrich specifically brought up the growing problem of the "Arab spring" turning into an open persecution of Christians. Thus far, President Obama has apparently been ok with the extermination of Christianity in the Middle East. Or, at the very minimum, really good at hiding how upset he is over it.

Allow me to suggest that only someone affiliated with the Catholic Church, as Gingrich is, would be willing to bring something like this up at all, much less on the stage of a nationally televised debate on CBS. Don't take this as an endorsement or anything. It just struck me as so out of lockstep with the prevailing talking points that I was compelled to give him props for doing so.

The next big step will be for someone to mention the persecution of Christians in Israel.


Jason said...

Good point. Unfortunately the list of people who support Israel seems to be getting smaller each day. Its pretty sad.

haskovec said...

Well in spite of Ron Paul getting only 89 seconds in the last debate he is surging. 2nd place in Iowa. He is the only candidate that has proposed a real solution out of the abortion issue. He pushed a law that would take it out of the hands of the federal courts and put it into the hands of the states. If we could get something like that passed we could probably outlaw abortion in 40 out of 50 states very quickly, which would be a huge improvement over what we have now.

Throwback said...

From my observations, Paul is best in short segments. He tends to ramble a lot and isn't a very eloquent guy. Letting the other candidates screw up is probably his best tactic right now.