Sunday, November 27, 2011


So today was the introduction of the revised translation. How did it go for you? We had a practice run last Sunday, but it was with a visiting priest who kind of forgot to mention what we were doing. Naturally, there was some confusion. Still a bit this morning as well. Which means there was some complaining.

I'm going to wonder many times over the coming weeks if all these whiners have considered what the shift was like going towards the vernacular. Yeah, I'm sure that was seamless and not awkward at all.

Any stories from your parishes about transitioning to the revision?


Paige said...

why is it soooo hard to say "and with your spirit?"

Also, it was quite disorienting to hear the words of consecration changed. It does sound more reverent and "higher" if you will, but it will take some getting used to!

haskovec said...

We went to mass in Minnesota in my Grandparents old parish. I thought it was good, of course I am coming at this from a now the Spanish translation and English are much closer together. Of course Sofi gave me a look when we hit consubstantial as that is quite a bit different than the Spanish translation and I think that part is a little awkward for many lay people. That being said overall I liked the flow of the new mass and the prayers were good.

Anonymous said...

I practiced to get ready but I'm batting .600 at best.

Throwback said...

I think that's probably about right. I've gone 0-fer on the concluding "and with your spirit."