Monday, March 12, 2012

The Funniest Thing I've Read In A While

What is the biggest threat facing the Anglican Church these days. Forget the last five centuries. Just focus on the Reign of Rowan and the ongoing Death March. Of all the crap that the Anglicans have heaped on themselves in recent years, the true menace is now revealed. The ultimate annihilation of all that is Anglican. The thing that the Anglican Communion should fear most is...


The Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Rev Tim Stevens, who leads the 26 bishops who sit in the House of Lords, tells The Sunday Telegraph that David Cameron’s policy to end Britain’s 300-year-old succession laws risks overturning the Church’s constitutional role...

He argued that the Prime Minister’s plans to repeal the ban on the monarch being married to a Catholic posed a serious potential risk. Currently the Queen is required to take on the role of Supreme Governor of the Church of England — making it the established Church. But the bishops said that it would be impossible for a Catholic monarch to have that role.


Yeah, Tim. That's what you have to worry about. Some papist on the throne. Pay no attention to the fact that the AC is pretty much shattered as it is.

I'll give him credit. He at least has some concerns about homosexual marriage as well, but come on. Has this guy been asleep for the last decade or so? Does he know who Gene Robinson and Katherine Schori are? And hey, at least he notices that a Catholic as Supreme Governor of the Church of England makes no sense. But is that even a role any more? What the hell has Queen Elizabeth done in such a capacity?

I know that I laugh above, but this is a great example of the shambling wreck that the Anglican Church is these days. This cry for relevance, as though there is still a real spirit inhabiting the ecclesial corpse, is probably way more sad than I'm acknowledging. Maybe this longing for some kind of reality in their religion will lead more to take advantage of Anglicanorum Coetibus. After all, we know where the Barque of Henry currently resides.

Some just don't realize it yet.

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