Friday, March 2, 2012

More On That Other Other War

More stories are coming out about the wrangling within the Curia. This is another one from Vatican Insider via Rorate. The thrust of this is about the faction(s) that have aligned against Cardinal Bertone and the lengths which they are willing to go in order to get rid of him. I suggest everyone read the Rorate analysis.

Regardless of what you think about Cardinal Bertone, there don't seem to be any angels in this battle because the end result of their squabbles is an increased difficulty for the Pope. The man's job is hard enough without all this going on, and if the report is right, their decision to air +Bertone's (or any prelate's) dirty laundry is not helping.

To appreciate this a bit more, I return to a point made in our previous post on this issue. This is unprecedented stuff for the Curia to take their internal conflicts into the public eye. Did anybody raise their hands like this against guys like Cardinals Sodano, Casaroli, or Villot? Nobody that I know of.

It's a weird time.

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