Monday, June 25, 2012

Levada, Out? Bishop Williamson, Something?

First, we've got Tornielli claiming that Cardinal Levada is resigning (which we already new was coming) and that Bishop Muller is still in the lead to take his place. Which could be true. Then you've got Tancred at The Eponymous Flower less than a month ago was circulating stories that it was Cardinal Burke who was in  line for the CDF job.

No offense to any Germans here, but I'll take Cardinal Burke for that job.

On to the big honking deal. I'm asking for info about this one. I got a communication about Bishop Williamson's status in the SSPX being shaken up, but they provided no evidence for this claim. I did some looking, and there was a thread at AngelQueen about it, but it isn't there anymore. If anybody here is aware of documentation to this effect, please let us know.

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