Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Bishop Williamson Is Out(?)

That's what the latest document on Rorate is saying. Granted, this can be taken a number of ways, but that just makes the question one of how big the deal is rather than if it's a big deal at all. It's huge.

Furthermore, I inform all members of the Chapter that, in virtue of Canon 2331 § 1 and 2 [of the revoked 1917 Code of Canon Law] (nc [Code of Canon Law in force] 1373), the Superior General has deprived Bp. Williamson from the position of capitulary due to his stand calling to rebellion and for continually repeated disobedience. He has also been forbidden to come to Écône for the ordinations.

The rest of the message is pretty grim. If accurate, it basically says that Cardinal Levada pulled a Darth Vader (Cardinal Levader? Darth Levada? The possibilities are limitless!) and altered the deal and left Bishop Fellay saying he couldn't accept (and yes, praying that he didn't alter it any further, unless it's to put it back the way it was).

So the deal is still on hold and the General Chapter approaches. Stay tuned. And pray.

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