Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Comments From The Holy Father On Obedience

Running with our prior post regarding Pope Benedict's speech on Judas(es) and why dissenters should leave the Church, I thought this was worth posting as well.

In their economic and social activities, Catholics often come into contact with others who do not share their view of life. In such circumstances, they must, of course, bear themselves as Catholics and do nothing to compromise religion and morality. Yet at the same time they should show themselves animated by a spirit of understanding and unselfishness, ready to cooperate loyally in achieving objects which are good in themselves, or can be turned to good. Needless to say, when the Hierarchy has made a decision on any point Catholics are bound to obey their directives. The Church has the right and obligation not merely to guard ethical and religious principles, but also to declare its authoritative judgment in the matter of putting these principles into practice.

The Holy Father's comments are well-taken. We are bound to obey. The Church is bound to compel us to believe.

Oh, by the way, the Holy Father who wrote the above? It was Blessed John XXIII in Mater et Magistra.

Maybe someone should tell Joe Biden about this.

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