Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pro-Life = Racism

Things are getting more and more 1984-ish. War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. Freedom is Slavery. Pro-Life is Racist. That's what this thunderously stupid article by Brian Fung would have us believe.

I'm not going to reproduce much of the article, as I'm sure our readers value their brain cells. I couldn't live with myself knowing that I had deliberately exposed any of you to such an intellectual hazard. Let us be content with the sacrifice of my own neurons in this endeavor. Here is the concluding paragraph:

Non-white and low-income women aren't so lucky. For them, an abortion ban would mean either carrying their unplanned pregnancies to term -- something the NBER paper predicts could happen to some degree, and which would likely be exacerbated by conservative attempts to limit contraception access at the same time that they crack down on abortion -- or resorting to unsafe, illegal abortions. These procedures, by their very nature, would be ignored by official abortion figures so that to speak of the "gains" of a ban would be to turn a blind eye to a very nasty black-market business. It'd also create new headaches for states: between the threat to public health posed by underground abortions, and the rise of teen birth rates; the added economic burden on state social and health-care services; the mockery it'd make of public statistics; and their inherent racial and socio-economic unfairness, it's hard to see how abortion bans would advance anything except ideology.

Folks, I ain't got the words. Here we have a defense of killing minority children under cloak of liberty, whilst accusing those who would save these children of bigotry. I guess it's just an accident that Planned Parenthood and the other disciples of Margaret Sanger have always targeted blacks. They were just doing them a favor. It's not like it's genocide, right?

Black is white. Up is down. What other insanities will these people (yeah, I said THESE PEOPLE) come up with in order to justify their evil?

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Anonymous said...

Check out for a picture of a victim of a late term abortion. If this is not evil, nothing is. And the potus supports this evil against God and man.