Friday, January 18, 2013

On Weirdness

I was sent this email a couple of days ago and debated on whether or not to post it. I know a couple of folks who have followed the odder things about this trial, so I know a bit about it second-hand. Here's the news report:

Here's the deal. The events surrounding Fr. Robinson don't really end with him. His defense rests mostly upon the existence of an entire group of Satanic priests who engage in full-on Black Masses and killed this nun as part of one. According to the other folks I mentioned above, there have been multiple other parties that have come forward with similar accusations in the course of this investigation and trial who have said the same thing and been ignored.

I'm not here to say anything about Fr. Robinson's guilt or innocence. He's been accused of ritual abuse himself. I throw this out because this isn't the only time these sorts of allegations have come up. The Frank Pellegrini murder comes to mind, as well as the murder of Fr. Alfred Kunz.

Just weirdness.

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