Monday, January 14, 2013


By now, most have heard about the horrific rape and murder of the Indian girl who was only trying to take a bus ride. It has happened again, with pretty much the exact same circumstances. The national and international outcry over these events is intensifying.

Please note that what I'm about to write is in no way meant to ignore the tragedy and significance of these events.

That being said, did anybody hear an outcry when nuns were being raped while the police watched? Or when bounties were being offered to people for assassinating priests? Or when dozens of Catholics were murdered and thousands of their homes were being burned in Orissa, to the point where Christmas celebrations were cancelled out of fear? Or when priests were being murdered, with all of their bones being broken and their eyes being gouged out of their sockets? Even Protestants seem to have the go-ahead to persecute our brothers and sisters there.

And nary a word. Utter and complete silence. Because when it's Catholics dying, nobody gives a crap.

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Anonymous said...

I'm dumbstruck.Only here have I heard a word. The media love salascious despite not loving Catholic. This is hideous.