Thursday, June 20, 2013

French Lose- Again

But at least they didn't surrender this time.

The French are famous for anything these days, it's being losers. Nobody talks about the great French military victories. You hear a lot about Waterloo and the Maginot Line, though. Other than that time they kicked the crap out of Greenpeace, recent history hasn't been kind to the Frenchman in conflict.

This year is no different, as French culture fell to the onslaught of disordered passions in legalizing homosexual faux marriages. It's a shame, but for the first time in a long while, a goodly number of French citizens remembered something of who they were and tried to defeat this measure. Tancred deserves all the credit for reporting on the protests, as I must confess that I saw none of this reported on the news or in the papers.

There wasn't just a meek surrender this time, which is good. Perhaps the roots of Christendom haven't been completed severed after all. As Tancred also mentions, Pope Francis has made a direct appeal to French lawmakers to get them to override this nonsense. So maybe things aren't so inevitable there.

I wish I could say likewise about the United States. There will be no protests here as traditional morality is swept away. There will be only surrender. 

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