Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Is This Good Or Bad?

I honestly don't know.

Pope’s eight cardinal advisors say the Curia is not the only thing they’ll be reforming

Although their official meeting will be in October, they are already moving full steam ahead with their work and will use the summer months to prepare thoroughly for their first meeting. The eight cardinals Francis chose as his advisors last 13 April, exactly one month after his election, are currently mulling over ideas and proposals. And they will not just be dealing with Curia reform.

When the Vatican Secretariat of State announced Francis’ decision to set up the advisory group, it specified that it was established “to advise him [the Pope] in the government of the universal Church and to study a plan for revising the Apostolic Constitution on the Roman Curia, 'Pastor Bonus'.” Advising the Pope on the running of the universal Church is certainly no less important than the council’s task of reforming the Curia, but the latter will be the council’s main focus...

The eight cardinals will look beyond the Curia and its reform – necessary though it is. They will also focus on proposals regarding Church life in general, following Francis’ indications. Some of these topics have been mentioned in the Pope’s recent speeches. When Francis met members of the Synod’s Secretariat, he emphasised the need to reflect on family related problems, on the fact that so many people today do not marry but choose to live together and marriage becomes “provisional”.

The Pope encouraged reflection on the new evangelisation, using Paul VI’s Evangelii nuntiandi as inspiration and an awareness of the fact that society’s conditions force us to rethink our methods and to try to think of how to bring the Christian message to the people of today. On 13 June, Francis said we need to allow ourselves to be guided by the Holy Spirit, even if this leads us down new paths.

Another key subject is the ecumenical path. These issues were also widely discussed during the course of the pre-Conclave General Congregations. Francis’ decision to appoint eight cardinals as advisors and the issues the group is to address shows the Pope’s willingness to listen and take on board common requests made by the majority of cardinals before the election of the new Pope.

I reiterate my concern. I'm not sure that you can fix something like the Curia by forming a Super-Curia. Not to mention all this other stuff they are supposed to be tackling. Plus, I really don't know enough about these guys individually to have any expectations. Which I understand is probably why more than a couple of them were picked.

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