Sunday, October 20, 2013

Speaking Of Chant, Latin, Etc.

Check out this video at the New Liturgical Movement where Jeffrey Tucker mentions the importance of chant and the Latin Mass to his conversion. Thanks to Haskovec for the tip.

The sad thing is how many people find just discussion of the Latin Mass to be offensive.

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Mark of the Vineyard said...

My wife and I recently were invited to help out in pre-Cana. We went to a meeting with the pre-Cana group "moderators" and the priest who helps out with pre-Cana was there.

Out of the blue, midway through the meeting, he brings up the traditional Mass and throws a nutty, saying that people who have an interest in it are psychologically imbalanced, trying to compensate for some fault; are egocentric; domineering; a danger to the Church; etc (the caricature went on and on).
Now, this priest knows about our wedding - that it was EF - even though no one else in the group knew. Though he didn't name names, it was obvious it was directed at us.