Friday, February 28, 2014

More Dangers From The Pill

And I'm not even talking about the spiritual ones.

Oral contraceptives linked to increased risk of multiple sclerosis

So yet again, we have the pill tied to some horrific health consequences. For those who don't recall the other ones, you can check the links here.

Here's the great line from the above article that really drives home the insanity that holds sway in the realm of chemical self-sterilization:

In a new study, researchers found an increased risk of multiple sclerosis (MS) among women who have taken oral contraceptives. However, the findings do not mean women should stop using birth control, the researchers say.

In other words, "Yeah, we think it might wreck your nervous system, but go ahead and stick with it." We have had nation-wide freak outs over way less. The whole thing is tragically comical.

Again, though, we have to ask: What would it take to break our nation's addiction to the pill?


Karl said...

If the pill caused pregnancy.

Throwback said...

Good call