Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fighting To The Last

Our brethren in Syria are still dying, and the world still seems ok with it.

Per Zenit, though, some are holding on to give the Faith a presence there:

Although the Pope’s visit and words were fruitful, the bishop (Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo) stressed that Christians, men of good will, and the international community must do their part.

"We Christians must do everything we can in order to survive and stay alive asked to give testimony," he said.

"We must not leave," he stressed, because "this Christianity of Arab culture that has lived for centuries among Muslims is an inculturation truly unique in the history of the Church and you must do everything to preserve it."

As we've stated before, though, this will all be over in a few years, and the world will be able to celebrate peace in our time for the Middle East. And isn't a little genocide worth that?

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