Thursday, June 12, 2014

Speaking Of Cardinal Sandri

Remember that thing that was the dumbest thing that we'd heard come out of the Curia in a long, long time? There's some news on the topic, namely, married clergy for our Eastern Catholic priests.

Per Zenit:

The North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation voted in early June to encourage the “lifting of the restrictions regarding the ordination of married men to the priesthood in the Eastern Catholic Churches of North America.”

“This action would affirm the ancient and legitimate Eastern Christian tradition, and would assure the Orthodox that, in the event of the restoration of full communion between the two Churches, the traditions of the Orthodox Church would not be questioned,” the consultation said in a statement released Friday.

“We are convinced that this action would enhance the spiritual lives of Eastern Catholics and would encourage the restoration of unity between Catholic and Orthodox Christians,” the statement said.

So we got that going for us. Why this has taken such a long time is shameful. It's silly and more ethan a little disgusting that nobody questions when an Anglican guy converts and receives orders but is allowed to be married, while faithful Eastern Catholics have their tradition called into question.

On a side note, way more Orthodox that I know are worried about pressures to mutilate their liturgy than issues with married men being ordained.

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